Woke Democrats EXPOSE Each Other For Not Being WOKE ENOUGH During CRINGE Mayor Debate!



Conclusion? VOTE TRUMP & MAGA 100%

An entire circus competing over who can be the biggest clown.


  1. Good to see london breed in the line up. This worthless black clown has done ZIPPO in her 6 years at the helm as the mayor of San Francisco and has performed as expected, a failure. She’s had help, lots of it with her stooges called the board of ‘stupidvisors’. And the outrageous thing, this buffoon gets ( I didn’say ‘earn’, she hasn’t worked a day to earn a salary) a salary of 400K per year to basically sit on her lazy ass posing for selfies, giving the residents ( the fools who believed her campaign BS “I’ll solve homelessness in a fiscally prudent and humane manner” and as expected has doubled in the last 6 years when she became one of the worst mayors, among many in San Francisco) here the middle finger behind their back, the blow off and silent treatment all while the former jewel of California becomes more and more 3rd world, unaffordable and untenable and recently attained the moniker ‘the new doo-doo capital of the USA’. I could go on but what’s the point? The voters here are either the most clueless not to realize they’ve been played for suckers, treated like walking ATM’s for some of the highest taxes and costs of living or been smokin’ bad weed ( legal here since 1996) or are brainless and beyond help. They have a golden opportunity to really clean house in November and get rid of ALL the deadweight in city hall from mayor on down to the board of ‘stooges’ that do nothing to improve living here. Hopefully by November the people have had their fill of the liberals or progressives or whatever these do nothings are calling themselves to sound less dangerous and incompetent than they actually are and finally wake up and realize voting for the same gets more of the same BULLSHIT! As they say ‘doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time is the definition of insanty and if anything demonstrates insanity it’s San Francisco. I live here and hope to God the people here have had enough of this liberal progressive BULLSHIT. I know I have and didn’t vote for this but have to live with ther effects of the fools who keep screwing us deeper and deeper in to the ground with their idiotic votes.

  2. there is a limit to how smart a human can be. Stupidity has no limits. Many new levels of how “low you can go” are being set today in socialist Amerika. The world is laughing at them, so am I

  3. I always wanted to visit SF. Now I wouldn’t go there even if I was given an all expenses paid vacation. I also feel the same about ever going back to NYC.


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