Watch Joe Biden INCOHERENTLY BABBLE at his Hollywood Fundraiser as Obama looks on in SHOCK!



Obama is pissed. Joe might cost him his fourth term

15 million going back to work or getting second jobs is not job creation.


  1. and why is obama hanging around, it’s his 3rd term and pushing for his 4th term,
    2 term limits legal but shadow president is obama,
    and the democrats must really think the american people are that STUPID
    and if you vote for them then you are stupid for look at what has happened to the country-

  2. Anyone who actually votes for this pitiful, babbling old man should be charged with treason. The extensive damage his handlers have done to this country will pale by comparison to what they have planned for Obama’s fourth term.

  3. We all know Obama is running our country! Biden is his “ front man” his “ stooge” who is incapable of bieng president! Obama “ installed” him so he could have his third term. Everything Biden says and does is directed by Obama! Listen closely to the rhetoric, it is all obama’s! A vote for Biden is a vote for Obama! Stop the insanity going on now, VOTE MAGA!!!!!! Get the demonrats out and save our country!

  4. And yet, there are many, many stupid, ignorant, brain dead people that support brandon and will vote for him again. Just watch some of the sites on YouTube like Meidas Touch (sic) or occupy democracy. Makes me lose my supper.

  5. We have become hypercritical people making assumptions on others. This is a good sign that our Christian values have evaporated and we need to recheck our human values because we overly criticize people without our first hand information on what is going internally in the oval office. We have turned to be unkind people and we need to reexamine our conscience. HOPE our young generation will not be polluted with this UNCHRISTIAN behavior of adults. PRAYING TWICE A DAY THAT we will be back to our moral Christian values and stop overly criticisms without sound facts.


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