TODAY’S KAMALA HARRIS WORD SALAD (Today’s Word: “Community”)



Gotta be really stupid to be on par with Joe.

Word Salad is an insult to SALAD !!!


  1. Speaking incoherent gibberish is the demonrat style. Biden does it, Harris does it, Piglosi does it, they all do it. None of them can articulate what they are speaking about clearly. They think they can confuse us by doing it, but they actually turn people off. Their message is lost in the gibberish. We want clear and concise statements in order to discern the message. Trump speaks clearly and concisely what he means, and no “ word salad” comes out of his mouth. He is a great speaker, and he gets his point across in a few words. DEMONrats should take note, stop the gibberish!

  2. I don’t like being told gibberish ( shit) if a person can’t tell it like it is I don’t listen. The reason I admire President Trump is because he tells it like it is and that’s TRUTH!! He never beats around the bush, he doesn’t sugar coat anything. President Trump should be given the right to be our president again and the liberal leftists should not be allowed to make shit up without having bonafide proof he did something wrong. All of this impeachment shit and Russia collusion, paying women to come forward and say President Trump assaulted them. It’s all bullshit lies and propaganda from the left because they hate him for being a honest and trustworthy patriotic leader. He wanted to drain the swamp and there are democrats and rinos in this swamp and they are shitting their pants because they will be exposed to all of it. There are many lefties that belong in jail for their crimes against our country and I hope it comes to fruition. Our nation needs to be united and the only one who can do this is President Trump as our president. Trump 2024, MAGA!!!


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