Corrupt Mayor Caught Red Handed & His Response Is Hilarious



Why do Chicagoans keep electing Racists?

I’m pretty sure if I said I support small white businesses I would be labeled as a racist.


  1. Nowhere is the old saying, “You get the government you deserve” more applicable than in Chicago. For at least 100 years or more, they have consistently had the most venal, thieving, lying, laughably corrupt government of all large cities…..and that’s saying a lot, considering NYC and LA. Perpetual stupidity is its own punishment.

  2. Chicago gets rid of jackass Lori Lightfoot and replaces her with another jackass who is just as bad maybe worse!! Both Lightfoot and he are definitely haters of white people which is uncalled for after hearing him say about supporting black businesses, well Mayor what about ALL BUSINESSES? It should be to support everyone’s businesses, black, white, Asian, ALL RACES, Nationalities that are struggling to make a living. This moron is causing friction among all people because of his policies and this is what’s wrong with this country. We have nasty, corrupt, incompetent pieces of shit running our cities and states and causing chaos. And as far as spending 30,000 dollars on hair and makeup this guy should have had an overhaul, facelift, nose job and a few other things to be spending that amount of money. What a crook!!

  3. I live in Northern Illinois. The problem with the state is that it IS CORRUPT and has been since the 1930s when Al Capone was ruining the city. The problems have been multiplied by the massively corrupt democrats who have run Chicago since 1932. They have become the democratic playbook for all democratically run cities. Don’t bother to clean up the voter rolls. Here the dead vote democrat. The saying here is, “As Chicago goes, so goes the state. Illinois has been voted the most corrupt state in the union. AGAIN!


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